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Social Commerce

For the end customer we Streamline the

Fabric-to-Custom Fashion

Transaction flow through Digital Innovation, resulting in Better user experience and improved convenience.

For the vendors we organize the unorganized workflow, resulting in Increased revenue and positive impact on the environment.


Fashion Tech

Answer the most common

question on your online

fashion customer’s mind


Help them find the right Size

and Fit


Increase sales,

Reduced returns,

Gain valuable customer


(Partner of eTailogy)


Digital Marketplace

Interlock external ready to use ideas and solutions with your internal

ideas and solutions.


Buy ready ideas on the shelf, or Scan the market for ready-to-use technology solutions


Your Open Innovation partner, to keep your

 Go-To-Market play

fresh and kicking


Retail Technology


Requirement Engineering,

Usability Design,

Retail Tech Solutions,

Digital Marketing


We work with you on these

four technology pillars of

Modern Commerce.


Optimize the online

experience with the ultimate objective of fostering repeat purchases as the primary goal.

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